The AAP Board of Directors is soliciting nominations to fill the following vacancies for Member positions on AAP National Committees for terms beginning July 1, 2017:

  • Committee on Bioethics (COB)
  • Committee on Coding and Nomenclature (COCN)
  • Committee on Continuing Medical Education (COCME)
  • Committee on Development (CODe)
  • Committee on Drugs (COD)
  • Committee on Infectious Diseases (COID)
  • Committee on Membership (COM)
  • Committee on Native American Child Health (CONACH)
  • Committee on Nutrition (CON)
  • Committee on Pediatric Workforce (COPW)
  • Committee on Practice & Ambulatory Medicine (COPAM)
  • Committee on State Government Affairs (COSGA)
  • Committee on Substance Use and Prevention (COSUP)
  • Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health (COPACFH)
  • Committee on Pediatric Research (COPR)
  • Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management (COMLRM)

Application materials (factsheet, biographical summary, and sample nomination/self-nomination forms) for these positions are available on the AAP Member Center, along with the statement of needs and requirements for each Committee vacancy. Upon receipt of an application, a request for Conflict of Interest Disclosure will be sent to the candidate which will finalize the application process.

Members of AAP National Committees are re-appointed every two years and may be re-appointed up to three times for a total of six years. Committee member appointments are made on the basis of knowledge, expertise, and the documented needs of the Committee. Within this context, Academy membership demographics such as professional activity, gender, ethnicity, and geographical distribution will be considered, as well as chapter activity.

The deadline for nominations for 2017 positions is Friday February 24, 2017 (midnight CDT). Nominees must submit the completed application materials to their Chapter President and the AAP (nominations@aap.org).

The AAP Board of Directors will meet in May 2017 to review nominations and make final appointments.

Thank you for your review and contribution to the nominations process of AAP National Committees for the 2017 term. Please email any questions to nominations@aap.org.