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DC AAP Member, Inez Reeves, MD, FAAP, Publishes Several Articles on Vitamin D Deficiency and Perinatal Outcomes

In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), section of perinatal pediatrics awarded a grant to Dr. Inez Reeves to study vitamin D deficiency as a potential contributing cause for disparity in perinatal outcome in Ethnic minorities.

Through her clinical and bench research team at Howard University College of Medicine and Howard University Hospital, they are pleased to announce that this has resulted in three publications thus far:

Title # 1. Hemodynamic correlates of low umbilical cord vitamin D and ionized calcium

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Title #2. Umbilical Cord Vitamin D, Ionized Calcium and  Myocardial Oxygen Demand

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Title #3. Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnant Women of Ethnic Minority: A potential contributor to  Preeclampsia

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More of this work is in progress to further define concerns of vitamin D deficiency during high risk minority pregnancies.   As a natural hormone, its deficiency needs more recognition and timely management in order to promote a healthy pregnancy and its outcome.  Dr. Reeves and her team are grateful to DC AAP for financial support through the Perinatal (Fetus and Newborn) Grant and are hopeful that this work will lead to more substantial funding in the future.