On behalf of DC AAP, Dr. Jennifer Tender (a Board Member and Breastfeeding Committee Co-Chair), wrote testimony in support of the Universal Paid Family Leave Act of 2015, which was discussed during a public hearing on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015.  The Bill, (#21-415) proposes 16 weeks of universal paid leave providing 100% of wages up to a maximum of $3000/week for all DC residents.

The bill proposes funding this paid leave through a 1% tax shared across the district. Many organizations and individuals testified — both supporting the legislation and opposing it as written, due to questions about its structure, funding plan and consideration of existing leave policies and practices at some institutions and businesses. It was a lively debate, in which DC AAP testified with a panel of three other supporters of the legislation, Kathy Logan of the DC Breastfeeding Coalition, Marcia Finn, Managing Director of Brightstart Childcare & Preschool, and Sally White, Executive Director of IONA Senior Services.

Due to the length of the hearing, Dr. Tender was unable able to stay to present her testimony; however, Dr. Helene Felman (DC AAP Chapter Treasurer) read Dr. Tender’s testimony on her behalf and answered questions from the council members.

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If you are interested in testifying at future hearings on this bill or on other DC legislation impacting children, please contact Nancy Schoenfeld at or DC AAP’s Advocacy Committee Chair, Dr. Ankoor Shah, at