dcgov_logoAs we enter into a new school year, the DC Department of Health wishes to ensure that all students are healthy and ready to learn. The assessment of a student’s health status begins with a physical examination and completion of health forms to share with the child’s school. Providing information about a student’s current health status is critical to ensuring that the health needs of students are met while in school. School nurses also rely on health forms to coordinate care between families, school staff and medical providers.

Upon receipt of the documents, the school nurse will review and develop a student’s Individualized Health Plan. This plan guides the care that is received in the school for the time period specified in the documents. School leadership and nursing staff adhere to HIPAA and FERPA guidelines for sharing health and education information.

The following documents must be returned to the school nurse completed and signed by both the pediatrician and the parent/guardian. Please remember to obtain the signatures on all documentation, as the health form is not complete without the licensed practitioner signature and the parent/guardian signature.

Please also remind parents to return the forms to their child’s school as soon as possible, to ensure the student does not experience any gaps in care.

Thank you for all that you do to keep our children healthy!