The newly created DC AAP Immigrant Health Committee is a group of providers with a common interest in caring for immigrant children and their families.  Our goal is to provide support for one another, share resources, advocate for immigrant children, and educate ourselves and others about current pertinent issues.

Based on a recent DC AAP online survey, we have recognized that there are many providers in the DC area who are directly caring for immigrant populations, and we have identified some common needs to help take care of this unique and vulnerable population.  The committee is still in its early stages of development, but a group of providers has been meeting monthly for the past few months to share experiences and practices, and to help identify future direction for the Committee.   We have had guest speakers from the Children’s Law Center as well as the DC public school system.  As we continue to move forward, the group is welcoming anyone interested.

Please email Daniel Newman ( to join the group and receive information about future meetings.