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Sample HPV Tweets

A series of tweets — some just text, some with texts and/or links and/or hash tags — that providers or practices can use or adapt in their own Twitter feeds.

1. Did you know that Human Paillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the US? And that we have a vaccine for it?

2. Want to protect your preteens and teens from multiple types of cancers? The HPV Vaccine does that, and a lot more.

3. Cervical cancers kill 4,000 women in the US each year. With the HPV vaccine, you can help protect your daughter today.

4. Have a back-to-school checklist for your preteen? Add “Cancer Prevention” to it:

5. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a vaccine against multiple types of cancers? We already do. Find out more at

6. 79 million people in the US, most in their teens and early 20s, are infected with HPV. Your kids don’t have to be among them. #HPV #Vaccine

7. Have questions about the HPV Vaccine? This page has lots of answers: Check it out, or call our office today.

8. Lots of good questions, and lots of important answers, about the HPV Vaccine:

9. The HPV Vaccine doesn’t open the door to sex; it closes the door to cancer. Ask us about how to protect your teens today. #Vaccines

10. If there were a vaccine for certain types of cancer, would you get it for your kids? There is. And you can. Ask us about it today.

11. Give your child a better shot at life – vaccinate for HPV.

12. Questions about the HPV Vaccine? Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has the answers:

13. The HPV Vaccine for young males helps prevent genital warts and cancers in the genital area and in the throat. In just 3 shots. #Vaccinate

14. What do you and your child need to know about the HPV Vaccine? The American Academy of Pediatrics explains:

15. “Are Your Kids Protected From Cancer Caused by HPV?” They could be!

16. Number of HPV Vaccine doses given: Over 57 Million. Number of serious safety concerns identified: 0.

17. You’ve probably heard about the HPV Vaccine recommendation for girls. Did you know it’s also recommended for boys?

18. Have lots of questions about the HPV Vaccine? The good folks @ChildrensPhila have lots of answers:

19. “What is HPV and Why Is It a Problem?” The TeensHealthâ„¢ web site explains:

20. HPV causes ~8,000 cancers in men each year in the US. We can help you vaccinate your son right now.

21. The American Cancer Society explains the benefits of the HPV Vaccine: #PreventAndProtect

22. Did you know that the HPV Vaccine protects against 70 percent of the virus types that cause cervical cancer? #VaccinateAgainstCancer

23. A series of 3 shots might not sound so great. But it sounds better than genital warts. And a whole lot better than cancer. #vaccineswork

24. Here’s a great Parents Magazine piece on “why and when your daughter should get the HPV vaccine”:

25. The good news: the HPV Vaccine reduced rates of HPV infection. The better news: it worked even better than expected!

26. Raising HPV vaccination rates to at least 80% of teen girls “could prevent 53,000 future cases of cervical cancer.”

27. Here’s a short, moving video from @CDCgov, with a Mom explaining that the “HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention.”

28. Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center @ChildrensPhila, on the power and safety of the HPV Vaccine:

29. The great Healthcare Triage video series explains the importance of, and debunks some myths about, the HPV Vaccine:

30. Here’s a great animated video that explains how the HPV vaccine protects young girls against a “nasty health risk.”

31. 11-12 year-olds boys need the HPV vaccine too. Here’s why:

32. The HPV Vaccine protects against cancers of the head and neck too. This page from @HopkinsMedicine explains the connection:

33. “Most people get HPV.” Plus 16 other things you should know about the virus. And the vaccine to prevent it.