teen-oral-careCMS has recently published a trio of guides to support states in their work to implement EPSDT, the Medicaid benefit for children and adolescents. The first guide provides an overview of the benefit, and summarizes CMS policy on screenings, diagnostic services and treatment services. It also covers permissible limitations, medical necessity, and access topics. The intent of this guide is to bring together in one place for easy reference current CMS policy on EPSDT. The second guide explains the dental and oral health dimensions of the EPSDT benefit, and explores a variety of specific ways states can, and have, improved their delivery of dental and oral health services to enrolled children. The third guide shares a collection of approaches states can use to better engage adolescents in staying healthy and getting regular check-ups. We hope you find these guides to be helpful in your work.

Another resource CMS developed, in partnership with the National Academy of State Health Policy (NASHP), is an EPSDT Compendium on the NASHP website. http://www.nashp.org/epsdt/resources-improve-medicaid-children-and-adolescents This webpage features information about states’ EPSDT implementation across dimensions such as care coordination, behavioral health, data collection and reporting, oral health, medical necessity and improving access to care.