Remember when you were a resident, wondering if there was life after residency, and if there really was a world outside of the hospital walls?

The DC AAP Chapter is looking for generalists or specialists working in a non-academic setting and interested in mentoring a resident. You will be matched with a resident based on your mutual interests, strengths, and areas in which the resident wants mentorship. The mentoring pairs will be invited to two fun dinners over the next year, mentorship tips will be provided throughout the year, and the groups will be linked to continue to keep in touch and share ideas. The DC AAP Chapter also has funds to provide a nice gift at the end of the year as a “thank-you” for helping a resident navigate through life outside of the hospital!

As someone who has finished training and is working in a non-academic setting, you have a lot of knowledge and advice that is not easy to come by as a resident. Come and share that wisdom!

If you’re interested, please email Lanre Omojokun Falusi at with the following info:

  • Your name
  • Type of practice (private practice, community health, private hospital, nonclinical, etc.)
  • Generalist or Specialist? If specialist, what specialty?