All resolutions are due December 1, 2014.

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Do you have ideas about how the AAP could advocate, educate, or operate differently?   Don’t miss your chance to submit your ideas to AAP leadership.  Each year, members have an opportunity to submit resolutions to the AAP Annual Leadership Forum.  The purpose of resolutions is to provide a formal mechanism whereby the members of the Academy can give input concerning Academy policy and activities.  All resolutions submitted to the Annual Leadership Forum or to the Board of Directors directly are considered by the Board.

Resolutions should relate to the Academy’s mission, and the proposed action of the resolution should be desirable, doable, feasible and ethical.  Some useful types of resolutions include:

  • A request that the Academy develop a statement or otherwise take action on a particular issue
  • A request that the Academy inaugurate a new program or activity or reconsider a current AAP program or activity
  •  A request that the AAP change its operating procedures

This message serves as a friendly reminder that the deadline for resolutions is approaching.  All resolutions are DUE DEC 1st.  For resolutions that you would like to have District support for, please send them to Lee Beers at as soon as possible.  If you have questions or would like assistance/advice, please contact Lee.