To cap off this year’s AAP National Conference & Exhibition, DC Chapter members, along with over 200 fellow pediatricians from around the country, gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to rally for children’s health and show their support for strong federal programs and policies that promote what every child needs. Members showed up with signs that showed why they advocate for kids and what they believe every child needs. 12 Senators and Representatives addressed the group on a variety of issues including common sense gun laws, breastfeeding, CHIP, among other child health issues. If you were unable to join us on the hill, there are plenty of ways to still get involved through advocacy.

Tell your federal legislators to put children first

To contact your members of Congress online, please visit federaladvocacy.aap.org and click on “Support Key Policies to Put Children First” in the Advocacy Action Center. There, you will find a template email with key messages as well as talking points to guide your outreach.

Share what #everychildneeds on social media

Follow @AmerAcadPeds on Twitter for live updates. To join the conversation on social media, use #everychildneeds and #AAP15 to share messages on the importance of federal policies and programs that put children first, and your thoughts on what #everychildneeds to thrive.

  • Find your members of Congress on Twitter
  • Share a tweet of your own. Here are a couple of examples to get you started:
    • #Everychildneeds a champion! I’m joining the pediatricians at #AAP15 to speak up for kids!
    • #Everychildneeds a safe environment. Congress, please pass legislation to protect kids from liquid nicotine poisoning #AAP15 


This Week in Washington: Rhyming Recap

(Reprinted from AAP Department of Federal Affairs’ October 30th, 2015 Federal Legislative Update)

Donning white coats and big buttons
Pediatricians took to Capitol Hill
Full of advocacy, speaking up in DC
They inspired political will
Among 13 members of Congress
Who addressed them with fervor and zeal
Taking time out from votes, some in colorful coats
Their commitment to children was real.
The rally just captured the essence
Of why pediatricians do what they do:
Giving children a voice is not even a choice
For all adults were children once, too
So when dismayed by political gridlock,
When daunted by barriers ahead
When you think it can’t get worse, just keep putting children first
And Congress, whether they lean blue or red,
Will take the time to hear your perspective
And even if in that moment they aren’t stirred
Remember this rhyme: advocacy takes time
Keep on speaking up with passion undeterred