aapdc-annual-leadership-forumJust a reminder that resolutions for the AAP Annual Leadership Forum (ALF) are due by November 15th.

The purpose of resolutions is to provide a formal mechanism whereby the members of the Academy can give input concerning Academy policy and activities. Click on the following links for materials to help you write a resolution if you have an idea you’d like to bring to AAP leadership. We recommend you look first at the Step by Step guide. It is a succinct summary of the process, and the other documents can serve as reference.

Please feel free to contact DC AAP Past-President, Lee Beers, at leesaviobeers@gmail.com if you would like advice or assistance. You may also reach out to Jonathan Faletti, AAP Manager, Chapter Programs at 800/433-9016, ext. 4752 or jfaletti@aap.org if you have questions. Please submit resolutions to Jonathan Faletti, jfaletti@aap.org (with a cc to Lee Beers).

Not that anyone would plan to write a resolution at the last minute (but we understand it happens!), so if you are running up close to the deadline please be sure you submit to Jonathon directly just to be sure it gets to him by November 15th. We can always tweak language after it is submitted but then you can make sure it is officially submitted.

A note about sponsorship: only one sponsor is needed for a resolution to allow it to be voted on at ALF. A sponsor can be a chapter, district, section, committee, etc. Sponsors can be added after November 15th, but must be attained by the start of ALF for the resolution to move forward for a vote. Resolutions can go to the ALF unsponsored and sponsors solicited from the floor, but this is not ideal so we strongly encourage identifying a sponsor ahead of time.

Please feel free to reach out to Lee if you have any questions.

  1. Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions. In-depth guidance on submitting a resolution
  2. Writing and Submitting a Resolution – Step by Step Guide. Smaller guide on submitting resolutions
  3. Resolution template for 2017