The AAP has developed 2 online courses on adolescent immunizations to help you improve rates in your practice!

1. Adolescent Immunizations: Office Strategies

This course provides strategies that pediatric offices can use to optimize their adolescent immunization efforts and improve their adolescent immunization rates.

This course will teach users to:

  • Describe 3 effective strategies that pediatric offices can use to improve immunization rates of adolescents who are seen in their practices.
  • Explain what is involved in implementing prompts, either electronic or paper-based, to increase adolescent immunization rates.
  • Describe efficient, cost-effective ways to use reminder/recall systems to bring adolescent patients into the office for immunizations.
  • Explain what a practice needs to do before adopting standing orders for adolescent immunizations.
  • Describe methods for effectively managing conversations with parents of adolescent patients who are hesitant about vaccinating their children.

2. Adolescent Immunizations: Strongly Recommending the HPV Vaccine

This course will discuss strategies for strongly recommending the HPV vaccine and will offer information to help pediatricians address their patients’ concerns about the vaccine.

This course will teach users to:

  • Employ communication strategies on a daily basis to aid parents in making a decision to vaccinate their adolescents against HPV.
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions about HPV vaccination with accurate, succinct, and compelling responses.
  • Explain the critical role of communication between parents and everyone in your practice in increasing the likelihood of the patient’s full protection with HPV vaccination.

To access these courses, please visit: and click the Continuing Education tab.