ATP_Flyer.Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease, (HUCSCD) has initiated a transition program for sickle cell disease patients, ages 13-21 years. This is based on the need for adequate transition of sickle cell disease patients to adult care. The Adult Transition Program (ATP) was designed to ensure a comprehensive and successful transition of pediatric age patients to adult care. The program is comprised of educational workshops, survey assessments on knowledge, attitude, and psychosocial issues of SCD patients. The program is highly informative and beneficial for the young adults as well as their caregivers.

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The program is not designed to take over medical care but rather to empower participants for future healthcare challenges. It is therefore requested that patients with sickle cell disease in the above age group be referred to the program. Pediatricians may contact potential participants and invite them to complete the attached referral form, and fax to 202-232-6719. Interested participants will be contacted for an interview and meet with the transition team. The program is funded by the Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Health, and Community Health Administration. To learn more, please visit the website ( or call 202-865-8292 for more information.