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Immigrant Child Health Toolkit

About This Toolkit

This toolkit was created by the members of the Immigrant Child Health Committee of the DC Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is intended for use by medical providers caring for recently arrived immigrant children in their practice. We hope that this toolkit will be a valuable resource both during and around a patient's medical visit.

The recommendations and resources compiled in this toolkit were created by physicians, lawyers, mental health practitioners and other collaborators - with many years of collective experience caring for immigrant children. While we hope that the content of this toolkit will help you provide better care for the recently-arrived immigrant child, we realize that every patient is unique and has individual needs. This guide is meant to be used as a reference, but is not a replacement for sound clinical judgement and the continued use of collaborate partners you may have in your work environment.

We also realize that the information in this toolkit is static, and that the real world changes daily. Please help us keep content accurate and up to date by submitting feedback.

We would like to thank the National AAP Special Interest Group on Immigrant Health for their creation of an initial toolkit, which we used as a template for ours. Special thanks also to the many contributors to the creation of this toolkit.

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