stethoscopeNow accepting volunteers for a Behavioral Health Integration Study looking at how primary care providers at community health centers experience the integration of behavioral health methods in primary care.

This study seeks to learn more about mental health treatment in primary care and how confident or equipped primary care providers are about recognizing and treating mental health conditions in the community. It will involve a one-hour open-ended face-to-face interview. Interviews will take place in a private room at a public location. Participant responses will be anonymous and confidential, which is further explained in the consent form, and participants will receive a gift card to Fogo De Chao for participating.

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To enroll in the study, participants must:

  1. be a primary care medical provider with prescribing privileges, such as a medical doctor (MD), nurse practitioner (NP), and physician assistant (PA);
  2. be from a federally qualified community health center; and
  3. have some experience with integrated behavioral health in primary care settings.

The principal investigator can be reached at or 410-215-1825 for more information.