The DC AAP Committee on School Health is looking for members to help advocate for improved child health in working with our schools.  We welcome medical student, resident, fellow, and attending physician engagement.  We also welcome any physician parents, as you bring a unique, personalized voice to the work we do.

The School Health Committee is working to improve healthcare for children in our nation’s capital by strengthening the bond between a child’s classroom and their medical home.  We are starting a project, working with local pediatricians, parents, and school personnel to find meaningful use in data sharing of health information and school attendance records between schools and physicians.  We are setting up focus groups to discuss how this data sharing can best benefit children, and are particularly seeking members to sit with these focus groups.

We are also planning to work with local schools to establish a curriculum of mock medical emergencies in schools.  Our goal is to provide basic education of how to handle medical emergencies to school employees, as they are at the frontlines to safeguard the health of the children in the District of Columbia.  We would welcome any member participation in establishing this curriculum, as well as those with ideas on how to make this curriculum most accessible to our schools, and sustainable beyond initial implementation.

If you are interested in getting involved with the DC AAP School Health Committee please contact School Health Committee co-chairpersons, Dr. Heidi Schumacher at heidi.schumacher@dc.gov or Dr. Jaclyn Kline at jnkline@childrensnational.org.  Please provide your name, preferred email address, and any specific area of involvement you are interested in, or ideas you have for the committee.  We look forward to expanding our school health team, and welcome your involvement.