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COVID-19: The Run Down

General information on COVID-19

Learn COVID-19 basics and much more from these sites

Day to day coping strategies from the CDC geared toward teens

Confused about quarantine vs isolation and all other gibberish medical terms? The following article breaks it down for you

DC Resources for specific age groups with resources on reproductive health, exercise and healthy eating, school and education, and preventative health care for teenagers (search the “Adolescent” or “Young Adult” sections.

The Society for Adolescent Health and Management has a collection resources on many topics related to COVID-19

You may have heard about new variants of COVID that scientists have been learning more about this novel (new) virus. The following articles discuss what all of that means for you:

Interested in learning more about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases? The CDC’s Project Firstline is here to provide you with the information on how to do so! Check out their videos:

Here are COVID-19 accessible resources for people with disabilities from Georgia Tech’s Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation:

Where to Get Tested

The following websites list testing sites by location. You can get tested at many sites even if you do not have insurance

DMV Reopening Plans

Stay up to date with the District’s reopening plans and lifting of restrictions here:

School Reopening Information and Forms:

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