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Healthy Habits and Mental Wellness

Social distancing sucks! We want to make sure you are equipped with all the tools to keep your mind and bodies healthy during these challenging times.

** If you are experiencing an acute mental health crisis now seek help immediately by calling 911 or the National Suicide Hotline if you are having thoughts of harming yourself ** The following emergency resources are also available: 

Social Distancing & Social Connections:

Tips for helping you manage a new normal and stay connected while social distancing

What you need to know to practice social distancing the right way

Tips on how to create a new normal healthy and productive routine

Some small ways to take care of yourself each day

Ideas for virtual hangouts

We know that your romantic life does not stop during the pandemic! Learn how to keep yourself and your partner safe

Coping with COVID: Routines, Schedules, and Activities: |

It is important to try to remain as active as possible throughout the pandemic! Learn more about how to increase your physical activity:

The benefits of being outdoors and outdoor activity ideas

List of outdoor events broken down by risk level

Find out more information about team sports and safety

What else can I do to make virtual events more exciting?

Finding Internships During the Pandemic

Teen and Young Adult Mental Wellness:

The following articles may contain discussion regarding the management of suicidal thoughts, abuse, and/or violence.

Healthy Habits & Mental Wellness

A compilation of online tools and apps for mental health support that are ranked based on credibility, evidence, usability, and safety

Mindfulness Apps:

Black and Brown Youth and Teens:

Resources for Youth and Families including graphics, videos, and tools 

Includes fact sheets on mental health, suicide, toxic relationships, and development 

Podcast series featuring two therapists discussing mental health topics

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